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Optimum Ceramic Coatings are guaranteed to protect your vehicle's factory paintwork and interior surfaces from oxidation, damage from bird and bat droppings, bug splatter, permanent stains and UV damage.

Optimum Car Care

2008/2009 was the time that Edwin Bolscher and Patrick Barkel were looking for a new opportunity in life. Detailing cars was at that point their hobby on the side. They have always tried to get the best end result in the most efficient way, while maintaining the highest quality. They have used and tested many carwash and detailing products, but not all of those products were meeting their expectations. However, some of the products really stood out and they came in close contact with the respective manufacturers. Working together with these manufacturers to improve or adjust products was and still is a great journey. But why keep it all for yourself if it can be beneficial to others? That is where the idea for a career change started. The idea of Optimum Car Care was born.

Optimum Car Care was officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce in 2010 as a wholesale company that supplies dealers and distributors throughout Europe with only high-end Car Care Products for the carwash and detailing companies. Today we serve more than 10.000 clients throughout Europe and sometimes even outside of the European borders.

Being here for the long term to serve you as a user, dealer or distributor with brands that will help you enhance your skills or grow your business.